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MP3 Bootlegging 101

Do you have a song on your MySpace page that you can't find on LimeWire or SoulShare? How about a really cool, good quality audio stream that you can't find to download? You're not alone. Millions of MP3 Pirates every day face closed doors as the music industry encroaches upon the Internet like cancer in a 20-year smoker's lungs. But, fear not! There is an easy way to get Website-only Music at NO (That's right, NO) COST!

What is this fantastic invention? Simple, it's the Audacity Wave Recorder! By simply clicking here and downloading the file, you will recieve the Absolutely Free Audacity wave Recorder, one of the best (And Free-est) audio recorders available. From there, you should download the LameEnc.dll file and place it in the appropriate folder in your Audacity Program folder (located in C:\Documents and Settings\(your user name)\Program Files\Audacity). What this nifty tool does is allows you to export the .WAV sound you will record from the website into MP3 form.

Once this is done, install and load up the Audacity program and in the central drop down menu, click on Stereo Mix. This tells the program to record whatever sound is coming through your speakers, and not through your nonexistant microphone. Then, simply hit the Record button (it looks just like the one on your tape deck) and go listen to the audio file you want to copy.

When you've listened to it straight to the end, hit the Stop button on the program, and use the simple-to-learn controls to edit the song exactly as you see fit. When you are through editing, go to File, and then Export As MP3!

Ever download an MP3 from the Internet, and the filename is correct with Artist and Title, but when you play it in WinBlows Media Player, it says something else? Well, using this method, you can edit your MP3 Tags to make it say exactly what you want to. Now, of course, you might be thinking, "Well, I can do that in iTunes, can't I?" Sure you can, but that's no fun, and it doesn't make you look cooler. Plus, you can edit album name and release year. Take THAT, iTunes!

Another nifty program you might consider downloading is the dBpoweramp Music Converter. With all of the codecs** (1337 for Coder/Decoders) that the website offers, it is truly the most versatile Music Converter out there. What's more, if you have an MP3 whose tags just won't change in iTunes or WMP, you can use dB to convert it to a .WAV sound, and then re-export it to an MP3, allowing you to change the tags. Cool, huh?**

**Note 1: To use the Codecs available from the dBpoweramp website, just attempt to convert an audio file of a non-conventional format (like .ogg) to one of conventional format (like .WAV or .mp3), and the program will prompt you to download and install the appropriate codec! This is perfect for files that you download from pirating websites in non-con formats.

**Note 2: If you hit the LJ Cut, hit "Back" now for continuity.

And then, just change the filename, close the program, and revel in the awesomeness.

Razor: And never again pay for a service that would be dirt-cheap...
Blade: IF it weren't fun by bunch of profiteering gluttons!

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