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Some updates [30 Sep 2007|06:26am]

Usse it effectively.
And watch out for TNTVILLAGE.
They have some skank shit.
They have a history of tracking
downloads on their Tracker and
give the information to authorities.

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The Down Low [20 Mar 2007|11:29pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Most schools are using the Dan's Guardian.
If you can reconfigure your Browser to use a port
other than 8080, then you can bypass it altogether.
Try using proxeis.
2 that i use that work excellently:

Use them well.


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MP3 Bootlegging 101 [13 Mar 2007|06:39pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Do you have a song on your MySpace page that you can't find on LimeWire or SoulShare? How about a really cool, good quality audio stream that you can't find to download? You're not alone. Millions of MP3 Pirates every day face closed doors as the music industry encroaches upon the Internet like cancer in a 20-year smoker's lungs. But, fear not! There is an easy way to get Website-only Music at NO (That's right, NO) COST!

What is this fantastic invention? Simple, it's the Audacity Wave Recorder! By simply clicking here and downloading the file, you will recieve the Absolutely Free Audacity wave Recorder, one of the best (And Free-est) audio recorders available. From there, you should download the LameEnc.dll file and place it in the appropriate folder in your Audacity Program folder (located in C:\Documents and Settings\(your user name)\Program Files\Audacity). What this nifty tool does is allows you to export the .WAV sound you will record from the website into MP3 form.

Once this is done, install and load up the Audacity program and in the central drop down menu, click on Stereo Mix. This tells the program to record whatever sound is coming through your speakers, and not through your nonexistant microphone. Then, simply hit the Record button (it looks just like the one on your tape deck) and go listen to the audio file you want to copy.

When you've listened to it straight to the end, hit the Stop button on the program, and use the simple-to-learn controls to edit the song exactly as you see fit. When you are through editing, go to File, and then Export As MP3!

SegueCollapse )

And then, just change the filename, close the program, and revel in the awesomeness.

Razor: And never again pay for a service that would be dirt-cheap...
Blade: IF it weren't fun by bunch of profiteering gluttons!


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h3xc45t3r's h3lp part 3 [26 Feb 2007|05:43pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Greetings, guys and dolls! Remember when I told you that I'd provide you a list of frequently accessed ports? Well, follow me!


What this website is is exactly what I was promising. Now, before you all scroll to the bottom of the page to click on the link about trojans (like I know you're going to do), do your old buddy c45t3r this one favor and go through the list slowly, and try to see if you can identify any of the programs you see. If you can, that's fantastic, you've already passed the first test and went poking around your own computer, getting yourself familiar with the way programs and denoted by the OS. If not, then at least google the program name, just to see what it's about.

More as it dev-elops!


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[16 Nov 2006|12:30am]

Sorry about my lack of activity in this community.
I'm Currently in the hospital, and as soon as i'm out,
i'll start taking a more active role.

I'm also sutting down most of my emails and minimizing to 2.
to reach me


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c45t3r'5 1npu7 [17 Oct 2006|06:00pm]

[ mood | anxious ]


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h3xc45t3r's help Part 2 - The Almighty Connection [28 Sep 2006|03:58pm]

Make Sure You're ConnectedCollapse )
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h3xc45t3r's help Part 1 - Tips [28 Sep 2006|03:53pm]

A quick Post about helpful skills you'll need:

-You've probably heard this a hundred thousand times, but Read everything you can on how servers and systems work. Learning to operate them is the first step towards learning to defeat them.

-Think outside of the box. After you've learned everything you can about something, think critically about how to outsmart it. After all, it is just a Machine. (ps, watch the Matrix)

-Learn to program. It is the ONLY way to make the computer work the way you want it to. Yes, it will consume a large amount of your time, but it will be worth it in the end.

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Ethics 101 [28 Sep 2006|03:10pm]

What Are You?Collapse )
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[30 Aug 2006|11:33pm]

In This post,
Name what your talent is that you can offer the community.

Are you a Coder?
Maybe a Boxer?

Maybe you just like to be a phreak on the weekends?

let me know.

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[21 Jan 2006|07:29pm]

New members or People that want to be members...
YOu have to post a short little resume about why you should
be accepted into our fold...

you decide what goes in it...
i hate forms.

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